VHS increased Historic Aerials’ newsletter subscription list from 24,700 to 45,300 by managing Facebook ads and creating a landing page for sign-ups.

We also elevated their newsletter open rate from an average of 13% to 18.5%. To keep their audience engaged, we refreshed multiple newsletter designs. 

Our Facebook ads reached 310K, a significant increase from the 107K accounts reached previously. Impressions for their Facebook ads rose from 184K to 587K.

After taking over Parker County Brewing Co’s newsletter, open rates increased from 25% to a 40% open rate per newsletter!

To increase revenue and drive customer engagement for Parker County Brewing Co during an economic downturn, we created compelling digital content, including Facebook campaigns, print design, and a strong social media presence. The results were impressive: Parker County Brewing Co. saw a 15% revenue and a significant 38% revenue growth within months.

Through compelling social media campaigns and maintaining a robust social media presence, we kept multi-business owner Dave Valentine accessible to his immediate community while also expanding his network of online connections–

in fact, we increased his newsletter subscriptions by 500%.

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